Innovation and skin protection

Funny Nude snail slime Shower gel e cream for Sphynx

Some historical notes: the discovery of snail slime

In 1995 the first cream based on snail slime was born in France.
In a farm for food use, the heliciculture workers realized that their hands always remained soft and that any cuts healed quickly without incurring infections or scars.
After 15 years of research on the basis of this discovery, Elicina® was born, the first snail slime cream for tissue regeneration purposes.

Research on snail mucopolysaccharide, commonly called “slime”, brought to light the components present in it:

  • elastin
  • glycolic acid
  • allantoin
  • vitamins

studying its usefulness for the snail, the following functions were identified:


the drool allowed the snail’s foot to remain hydrated at all times, preventing the drying of the soft tissues in order to prevent injuries due to continuous rubbing on rough and irregular surfaces.

to any damage to the foot, it was noted the ability of the snail to increase the secretion of mucus and to change its primary constitution, as a reaction to the lesion it produced antimicrobial substances and molecules that stimulated the natural process of regeneration of the cells of the damaged tissues.

the thin film produced by the snail isolated the foot from the ground thus forming a sort of protective shield regulating the secretions of the pores.

Shower gel e cream Funny Nude

Funny Nude Bath and Cream have been thought as a specific treatment for the protection of Sphynx cats’ skin.

Regularly used, these products will give the skin a feeling of protection, facilitating the sebum-normalizing action.